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Elephant Smooches

The scribblings of a mad tiki

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19 January
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  • tikific@livejournal.com
I put up a mirror site over on Dreamwidth, link is above. This is mostly to keep me from freaking out every time LJ disappears along with my 100K words of fics. I'm also tikistitch on AO3 if you'd prefer to read stuff there (I personally like the format better). And I'm also tikistitch on Tumblr because I lack imagination.

My regular LJ, reserved for whining and complaining, is tikistitch. It's currently locked, due to The Weird, but if you friend me there, I'll friend you back. (There is nothing sooper seekrit going on over there, it's just I have one rather maddeningly persistent stalker.)

This journal was created to collect all the Mythklok nonsense I've written, although obviously, it's picked up other bits and bobs along the way, as I tend to get distracted by shiny things. It's mostly Supernatural these days, though I sometimes regress.

The early chapters of Mythklok originally went up on the capslokdethklok comm, however, I exclusively post everything here now. (BTW, you're quite welcome to friend, and I will probably friend you back unless you're a creepy Russian friending virus thingie.)

By the by, if you've stumbled over here because you know me from anime or collecting toys or Disney or whatever, you're more than welcome to read, but I kind of think you'll be baffled by it all. :D

AN IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING COMMENTS, and especially those intended as "feedback:" despite being on the Intarnets, tiki is a real live human being, with real live feelings. Note as well, there are ways of giving constructive criticism WITHOUT making yourself look like a tool. I do appreciate thoughtful feedback, but if you are unable to turn off the douche nozzle while doing so, then don't bother. And, yes, I absolutely can and will ban repeat offenders. And if you find yourself unsure how I will react to something, you can always PM me.

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