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Flowers and Shit (Mythklok Interstitial)

Title: Flowers and Shit (Mythklok Interstitial)
Author: tikistitch
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A special day.
Warnings: Just the usual nonsense
Notes: Not relevant here, but I'm now thinking the last chapter is gonna be the last chapter and a half or something. :-P

“So which one of you is Boon's MOM?” inquired Nathan Explosion, who was flourishing a lovely bouquet and a box of candy.

“Choc!” said Boon, who was up on his feet instantly, his latest masterpiece still half completed on his electronic tablet, to receive the tissue-wrapped box.

“Nathan,” sighed Charles, reluctantly taking the boquet of flowers and then looking from side to side to find a place to dispose of them in his and Ganesh's suite. “We've talked about this.

“Only one piece!” Ganesh instructed Elias, who already had the wrapping dispensed and the top of the box removed.

“No totonut!” said the boy.

“Well, sometimes you get coconut, that is simply what happens in life,” said Ganesh.

“Why don't you go call your own mother?” Charles groused to Nathan.

“Eh,” said the lead singer. “She'd just bitch about how I ruined her vagina. I DON'T WANNA HEAR ABOUT MY MOM'S VAGINA.”

“Well, I don't blame you there,” agreed Charles.

“It is all right,” said Ganesh, grabbing the flowers away from a quite willing Charles and giving them a deep smell. “I will be the mother. After all I attend to Elias's nutrition!” he said, waving one of many hands at his child, who was concentrating deeply over the chocolate array. “I prevent him from subsisting entirely on pie!” He was at the cupboard, sorting through the vases.

“What? Well, that's means I'm the mom, because I'm keeping family traditions alive!” protested Charles.

“Feeding your face on pie?” laughed Nathan.

“And.... And I worry about him constantly!” continued Charles, as Ganesh plonked down a vase filled with Nathan's flowers in the middle of the coffee table. “And, you're always think everything's going to be OK, it's just a phase!”

“I attend to him when he has the sniffles!” countered Ganesh. “I bring down his fevers.”

“That's being a doctor. I always worry he's got a terminal disease!” said Charles.

“That is being paranoid,” said Ganesh.

“Dude's got a point,” Nathan told Charles.

“Doods! I'm tryin' t' hide frum all da Mudder's day crap.... Hey, wut's wit' da flowers an' shit?” asked Pickles.

“Nathan gave them to me for Mother's Day!” announced Ganesh.

“He gave them to me for Mother's Day,” said Charles.

“Cool. Hey, is dat chawklit?” asked Pickles.

“No totonut!” wailed Elias, who was still hunched over the box.

“L'il dood, didja read da lid?”

“Da lid?” asked Elias.

Pickles slid onto the couch and pulled Elias up into his lap. He reached over and picked up the chocolate box lid, flipping it over. “See? Dere's a cheat sheet!”

“Seet seet!” echoed Elias, as the both of them concentrated furiously at the cartoon map of the chocolate box.

“Ha! Maybe Pickles is the mom! He helps Boon pick chocolate,” laughed Nathan.

“Being a mother is an awesome responsibility!” lectured Charles. “I have to make him breakfast every morning....”

“I've made his cereal,” commented Pickles.

“...and make sure he's in bed every night!”

“I've tucked him in,” grinned Pickles.

“And.... And.... You need to plan for his graduate school education!” said Charles triumphantly.

“Wut gradooate school? He's gunna be a drummer!” announced Pickles.

“OVER MY DEAD BODY!” vowed Charles.

“There is nothing inherently wrong with choosing music as a career path,” said Ganesh.

“See? You always think everything is going to be OK, instead of worry about it to death!” said Charles.

“Well, he is obviously going to law school,” said Ganesh.

“WUT? Wut if he don't wanna be a lawyer?” asked Pickles.

“Have you asked him?” asked Nathan. “Hey BOON! You wanna be a lawyer, or a drummer?”

“Wanna be piwate!” answered the boy, who had finally settled on a chocolate.

“Ooo,” said Nathan as Elias took a very big bite of his candy.

“Dat's a sensible career choice,” said Pickles.

“I think we let him stay with dad too often,” said Charles.

“How did you do with that chocolate, dear?” asked Ganesh.

Elias slid off of Pickles' lap and pattered over to Ganesh. “Cweme, Baap!” he said, flouishing the half-eaten morsel up at his father.

“Well, isn't that nice?” said Ganesh, regarding the now gooey chocolate with some little distaste. “Oh, and you're going to share?”


“It's your Mom's Day present,” said Charles, who now had a small smile edging his face.

Ganesh squeezed his eyes closed and took a miniscule bite. “Well, that's not bad at all,” he allowed.

Elias was already on his way over to Charles, who rather cooperatively popped the remainder of the chocolate into his mouth.

“Well, I supposed you get some allowance for having a cast iron stomach,” Ganesh told him.

“It's OK, jaanu,” said Charles. “I got a lot of experience watching these guys,” he added, hiking a thumb at Pickles and Nathan.

“Doods, do I git a chock'lit?” asked Pickles.

“I think we can all enjoy a treat today,” said Ganesh.

Pickles was about to grab a candy when he found a burly arm in his way. “I wouldn' do dat,” he warned Nathan.

“Why not? I brought chocolate to Boon, so I get to be a MOM!” announced Nathan, popping the treat heedlessly into his mouth. “OH SHIT COCONUT!” he immediately bawled.

“Toldja dood,” said Pickles.

“Can I have one more, Charles! I got COCONUT!” whined Nathan.

“I rather like coconut,” said Ganesh.

“Dere's always wun in da crowd,” said Pickles.

“You may have just one more, Nathan,” said Charles. “And, uh, thanks for the flowers.”

“No problem, dude,” said Nathan, who was hovering over the box now.

“Which one is coconut?” asked Ganesh, who was also leaning over the box.

“Yoo can never git coconut when you wan' it!” warned Pickles. "Only when you don'."

“No totonut!” said Elias, who was also crowded around the box.

“Hey, who said you could have another one?” said Charles, pulling Elias up onto his hip.

“Da mom!” giggled Elias.

“Yeah, you have a lot of those,” agreed Charles.

“Hey, who didn't invite usch to the schocolate meeting?” wailed Murderface from the doorway as the remainder of the band crowded around.

And so they bickered about candy and motherhood for the remainder of a long Sunday morning.

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( 4 rants — Rant incoherently )
May. 13th, 2012 10:09 pm (UTC)
It's too bad a standard box of Sees candies doesn't have a cheat sheet. Whitman's does, I think. I loathe coconut myself. Hubby loves it, so he gets it all.

When we were kids my mom used to get lots of Sees candy boxes from her customers at the plant nursery for Christmas. Since there was no cheat sheet, we got sneaky and broke open the chocolates from the bottom. Anything that looked suspicious got shoved back together and put back in the box. When mom found out she foiled us by putting the boxes in the freezer.

I fully suspect that Skwisgaar immediately zeroed in on the chocolate covered nuts, Murderface complained that all the chocolates that he liked were already gone and Toki inhaled the rest of the box when no one was looking.

Now that everyone seems to be the mom, are they going to lament when no one brings them gifts for Father's Day? ;)
May. 13th, 2012 11:02 pm (UTC)
I wish Sees would get hip to the cheat sheet! It would have saved much childhood (and ADULTHOOD) trauma. I used to stick to the nut clusters, because that was the only one you could tell about.

Now that everyone seems to be the mom, are they going to lament when no one brings them gifts for Father's Day? ;)

Well, that's the trouble with having two hyper-competitive attorneys for dads - in an instant it goes from "neither of us is the mom" to "I'm the BEST mom!" Though I think Charles is at a definitely advantage being willing to "share" a drooly kid-bit chocolate.
May. 25th, 2012 07:39 pm (UTC)
I definitely fall squarely on Ganesh's side when it comes to coconut.

“Eh,” said the lead singer. “She'd just bitch about how I ruined her vagina. I DON'T WANNA HEAR ABOUT MY MOM'S VAGINA.”

I remember someone once saying that she sounded like a parrot on the "YOU RUINED MY VAGINA!" line. I haven't been able to unhear that to date.

“I prevent him from subsisting entirely on pie!”

Instead he probably subsists on about 90-95% pie.
May. 26th, 2012 12:22 am (UTC)
You're back!

Instead he probably subsists on about 90-95% pie.

( 4 rants — Rant incoherently )